Okay-Streetwear is a fairtrade streetwear label, founded in Berlin in 2012!
The first tasks were to create a CI, by designing a timeless logo. But before that, I already had a finised product, a classic gym bag (back then made in China).
The second step was to release the shirt, that the company was founded of (or at least where the first tought of founding it came into my mind).
So the Ron-Shirt got into life and it's still the most sold item yet.
It's printed on EarthPositive T-Shirts in Berlin, so the whole product including the silkscreen print is according to GOTS-standards.
Scroll down, if you want to see the current progress of Okay Streetwear!

Current status in 2018 (November)
-> some shirts of the new collection are still not shooted - winter is here though
-> preparing the order for Japan
-> stickers for the japanes order are ready to be printed!

Further steps:  Lookbook for the rest of the shirts, marketing trough instagram