Traveling India and short-trip to Bangkok!

Happy New Year! Mine started (almost) straight with a hangover flight to New-Delhi!
After a night-out I had to leave Berlin on the first January for my flight in the early morning hours. It was time to start my trip through Northern India. I flew with KLM, with a short stop-over in Amsterdam, directly to New-Delhi.
Landed there in the middle of the night, my bag got lost, so I prepared to never see it again (and it was hard to get it back due to the burocratical mess that is still common in the country - I recieved it 3 days afterwards on very shady, not tracable ways, in my hostel) the metro was not running, so I slept a bit between the airport and the metro station. There were a few shady people lungering around, but all over the situation of sleeping in New Delhi a little outside of the airport was a safe experience. Thanks to KLM for the pillow and blanket!
Took the first metro and went to the metro station, where I should meet with my couchsurfer. Although - he was not there! After countless try's to reach him, he gave me some shitty excuses, why he didn't show up (I kind of didn't believe him at that moment, as the communication was very nice upfront, but when he 'excused of not showing up' it was kind of poor and very 'uncommunicative'), BUT he gave me the adress of a hostel (or was this a scam? :D). So I went to that hostel, as it was close-by, I was already too long awake and still hangover and slept on their matress, because I couldn't check in that time.
The hostel itself was run by middle to upper class young Indians(who like to have some spliffs), and they seem to make a good buck with putting 8 people in different rooms. Must say, it was allover clean, there was hot water and the metro connection was good. It was a bit off centre.
The best point about it was, that they offered various tours and I took one, which led to a Sikh temple, the Spice market, a secret rooftop and afterwards we went to a Street-Food tour through Delhi. It was really delicious and well organised, with a lot of information!

Regarding New Delhi as a city to do some illegal graffiti, I still got mixed feelings about it (as I got overall for India). The paint available is pretty cheap (both in quality and price). A spray can in India can cost you around 180 - 300 rupees. Don't forget to haggle, as the first time I payed the 300 rupees, which is not a bargain for what you get. There are some art shops, that supply quality spraypaint from Flame or other known brands, but you can expect European prices for those cans (500 rupees), but at least you're on the safe side, if you want to do some trains ;) Otherwise I'd highly recommend normal paint and a roller (or one of those pressure/garden spraytools).
India is always a country, where you're never alone at any given time.
I'd rather get catched in a developed country and taken to police, as in one of those upcoming countries not knowing what they will do to me.  Anyway, on my first mission I had Aman, a photographer from Afghanistan, as my backup. All worked fine, had to abort one throwie, but 2 were done that night.
After that, I took a super-ass cheap train to Agra. I paid only 180 rupees for that ticket, as it was a non-reserved ticket. We didn't got checked on that train and it was not even overcrowded, so we had a seat the whole time. Arriving at Agra station will lead you directly to those friendly Tuk-Tuk drivers trying to ripp you off. Once you're through the first row, prices drop and with a little more relaxness, you'll get close to your favored price. In Agra, we stayed at a Homestay, which only costs 250 rupees per night. BUT it was freezing cold and the owner was very short on blankets. And almost everyone staying at that time demanded for some more blankets, but he was not willing to provide them generously. Big minus point, I'd say.
If you're in Agra, visiting the Taj Mahal is probably the only thing, that got you there. Otherwise there is not much to see (I would even skip the Fort). Paying the 1 000 rupees was worth it!
This post was for one week in scheduele mode, so I got to continue my stories in a second one. No pictures this time. Check my Instagram in order to see some pictures of Jaipur . Talk to you soon!

Okay-Streetwear Berlin-shops T-Shirt Collection

I finally made it! My first entire T-Shirt collection is out (or almost out, as I'm posting the new designs mostly on social media networks during the next weeks). Some designs went already off the shelves at local fleamarkets, but I made some reprints!
This new Okay streetwear collection is all about Berlin, my current homebase. As inspiration, local shops and companies (mostly around my living area in Berlin-Weddng) based for my 'coporate design shirts'.
The places are Berlin typical, ranging from a shiny-shady Shisha café to a multiplex cinema. I tried to cover most of my favorite and locally established places. Lots of them are (as mentioned above) in the former working class district Berlin-Wedding which in recent years (but kind of always) attracted new kinds of people from all over the world. Which is giving me a lot of opportunites to choose from a variety of unique places. Those places have mostly a curious story behind it (that might even just be their location) or I got a story about that location to tell you.

As always the shirts are printed on fair-trade garments to keep your footprint low.
I attached a very small preview of the recent shooting I was supervising with photographer Christina Hasenauer, videographer Dominic Packulat and the models Madlen and Jasmin.
So look forward to my social media channels and the shop in order to not miss the chance to get one of the limited Okay Streetwear Berlin shirts!

PS: A new Okay Streetwear gym bag is out and it's okker. Now I almost managed to have all the colors from my very first Okay streetwear corduroy gym bags in 2012 reproduced locally in Berlin. I'm still looking for some decent green cotton corduroy in order to make one gym bag with that color again. Otherwise the velour gym bag, the black and the wine red cotton corduroy gym bags are in stock again!

So long time no hear – working on Okay Streetwear

I worked on a new t-shirt collection for Okay Streetwear. This time I used Berlin based companies & shops as an inspiration to create illustrated corporate t-shirts. I named it „Berlin shops'n street“. The places I nominated are really Berlin-typical ranging from the classy shisha café to a cinema. I focussed on my current living environment: Berlin-Wedding. There are many hidden gems in Wedding where I can tell you a fun story of. But the shops'n companies are not only Berlin-Wedding based, they are also Berlin or Germany-wide represented. I choosed for a example the public transport company BVG to design an illustrated t-shirt. Or made up a name for a shisha café, which could exist in the city, but which I haven't found yet.

I firstly made a selection of stores I want to represent in this collection and then drew a small sketch and digitalised it. The process of optimising took me while, but I'm really happy with the final Okay t-shirts.
The Okay t-shirts are printed on fairtrade blancos from Stanley & Stella and they're sold in limited quantities. Depending on the weather, I might be present on some flea markets around Berlin in the next weeks or months. Still got to design a nice Okay Streetwear display in order to inform the people on one sight, what they're looking at and what they pricely can expect.
For all the online shoppers, there will be an update in the Okay Streetwear webshop soon(expet it by mid september), which will from now on be integrated into my website here.
Furthermore I'm palnning a shooting in the first week of september to deliver some high quality product- and mood shots from Okay streetwear, so you can see, how the illustrated shirts look while wearing.
This is okay!

'Okay-Streetwear' Product Design & Lookbook

As you all know, I got my passion-fairtrade-fashion project called 'Okay'. Since a few years I'm working on this with a more and more professional apporach which means, that I'm more satisfied with the results than I was a fewy years ago.
My first real product, that was done, was a gym bag. Back then I let those produce in China (which was kind of expensive, cause I only made 'samples' and also very hard because of difficulties in communication). AND I wasn't happy with the logo.
So, it took me now a while (let's say 4 years) to make a new range, which is now kind of fairtrade.
Why just kind of fairtrade?
I sourced the raw-materials to no 'textile fairtrade standard'. Most of the material is bought in Berlin art supply stores and the cotton corduroy and the polyester inlay was sourced at a small market in Berlin-Neukölln. The leather and the small side patches as well as the big logo patch were made in China (sorry for that), but I assume the cotton corduroy is also made there. Next stept to fairtrade would be to get some 'vegan' leather and some GOTS-certified cotton corduroy.
Anyway I let the raw materials then 'stitched' together by a Berlin-based seasmstress. And she made a really good job, the finishing went very well and I'm satisfied to offer a high quality made gym bag. I attached some detailed product pictures below and you can find the bags now shortly on my webstore. Grab one, before it's too late!
I also directed in co-operation with a friend, who's photographer a first lookbook of the current products I got and you can take a look on these highsnobiety-fashion look-a-like pictures on my ig or on the 'work' page. Enjoy!

365 days challenge aka Instagram-Project 'Singles' finished

Wondering, what I was doing the last 365 days?  I drew each day a cover for a music single and uploaded it to my instagram account! (where I deleted now all of them besides the last one I made)

It was quiet easy to draw famous songs at the beginning, but became very challenging at the end, cause I always was in a constant mood of 'already heard that, but got no idea how to illustrate.' Luckily I got some help and I even achieved to make 380 (!) covers in 365 days. The reason behind it is, that some of the covers went missing while uploading, so I tought I was behind the challenge. Anyway I got it done, you can see the whole list here and also listen to each of the songs in the playlist I made on spotify.
Fun Fact: Guess, which song I drew, when Donald Trump got president of the U.S.A?

Launch of the Facebook page

Start of my FB page. Give me like! There I'm going to tell, as I do here, the stories behind the pictures and life.
"Mawlamyine, early morning hours. On my way to the train station I had some spray cans left which I didn't wanna take with me all the way up north to Hispaw. So I was desperatly looking for a good spot which was a bit hard to find with all my luggage. On the way to the trainstation I met some burmese sitting & cooking soup for the monks who would arrive with the train in the morning. So inspiring! They filled up my tiffin, pointed at a wall, on which I painted this little throwie..."